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    Hey guys I have been looking through a lot of forums and so far no one has able to answer my question, or better yet make me less confused on my situation. I am with the telus network company, and my phone has taken its toll of dropping on the floor or being smashed up against Ia wall, and going for a swim about 3 times. (I just dropped it again off my bed LOL). Anyways the last time I dropped it in the water was about 2-3 weeks ago. My buddy took it apart and was able to fix it for me without any issues at all. Now today I was sitting at my friends house and I am usually there oh you know basically the hole day everyday, and today for some weird reason it goes to "SOS", I go to my mobile networks options and I am on the rogers wireless 2gx network. Whatever I go to manual mode and I scanned to look for my telus 3g network and its no where to be found. It goes on for about an hour, I get home (she only lives across the street) and its still showing "SOS" and its really starting to bug me now. I was going to go into the telus store today but they were all ready closed and thats what the girl at the call centre told me to do because all the trouble shooting didn't work. Do you think it could be the phone or the sim card itself? Because if its the phone I am just going to go to Butler's and pick up another telus blackberry phone for cheap. But if it's the sim card it's only like what 10$ to get a new one? So any suggestions before I venture off and go across town on a wild goose chase trying to fix my phone for tomorrow?
    01-29-12 10:12 PM
  2. blackberry-unlocking710's Avatar
    Well, To test the SIM card, if your Blackberry is unlocked you can test it with other SIM cards to be sure about that.

    But, i don't think that this is the issue because you can find the network... sounds more like a problem with the antennae inside of your Blackberry Bold 9780.

    But contacting your carrier first will be a good idea.
    01-30-12 02:33 AM