1. Rhonda Goodman's Avatar
    I have the blackberry bold.
    My Outlook contact list is corrupted.
    I will send an email to a contact person and someone else will receive it.
    I have gone through my contact list and if any emails were corrupted I re-did them.I had issues that there was an email address under (Display As) for a person I did not even have an email address.
    The email I sent today shows the correct address as well as the display is correct and it went to a completely different email address and did not even show a different address.I have contacted Rogers tech support about 20 times and they tell me that it is not the bold. I called RIM directly and they also told me they are unaware of that software problem. ( they admitted to me that there are other issues with the bold).
    Has anyone experienced this problem and how do I fix it.
    02-02-09 01:34 PM