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    I added a BlackBerry Bluetooth Music Gateway to my car. It works well, pairs with my Storm 2 as an "Audio Sink" (why isn't it "Audio Sync"?) device and powers up via the cigarette lighter adapter when I turn my car on.

    I also have a Jabra SP700 speakerphone on my visor. Battery operated. It also is listed as an "Audio Sink" device, as well as AV Remote, Headset, and Handsfree when I look in the device properties section of my Storm's BT Options.


    When I first get in the car, the Music Gateway powers up first, and I have to reach up and turn on the Jabra, so its pairs up second. In this scenario, everything works fine -- music to my car stereo via the BlackBerry Music Gateway, and phone calls routed to the Jabra.

    But if I hop out of my car for an errand, when I come back, the Jabra remained on while I was away but the Music Gateway powered down and is powering up when I start the car, so it now pairs up as the second device. Suddenly, my music is being sent to my Jabra.

    >>> I think the problem is the Jabra is now recognized as the primary Audio Sink. I can't see any way to disable it. Does anybody know a workaround? If not, how about a replacement speakerphone which doesn't have / allows me to disable the Audio Sink feature?
    10-21-10 01:03 PM
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    Jabra got back to me to say No, there is no way to disable the Audio Sink function on their device.

    I'm hit or miss with this: sometimes when I get back into the car, my Pandora will resume playing over the Music Gateway. Other times, it will play over the speakerphone or not at all (until I disconnect and re-pair my devices).

    If anybody knows of a similar visor-mounted speakerphone that doesn't act as an Audio Sink (listed in your Blackberry > Bluetooth > Bluetooth Options), I'd love to hear about it.
    10-30-10 01:43 AM