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    The BlackBerry Beta zone has reached over 100,000 users which is a pretty decent benchmark. The program is a year old and has grown to support over 35 beta programs across multiple regions. To celebrate the occasion, from Monday April 11-12, 2011 RIM will be giving out prizes to randomly-selected BlackBerry Beta Zone testers who have completed their User Profiles. Here are some instructions on how to enter, it seems like RIM will be contacting winners via PIN message:

    1) Visit the Beta Zone and update your profile today.
    2) Update your PIN. Go to Profiles -> Edit -> Contact and scroll to the last question.

    Winners will be announced periodically starting April 11th.
    BlackBerry Beta Zone Hits 100,000 Users and Giving Away Prizes | BlackBerry Cool
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    Sweet...I hope they take into consideration user contributions
    04-07-11 10:35 PM
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    That is nice. I was busy today and did not notice the article. Thanks for posting this.

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    And they said this would never work or be worthwhile. You're welcome CB. Here's to the people who helped to push RIM to make the Beta Zone happen!!! You guys are GREAT and you know who you are.
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    04-08-11 12:12 AM
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    Thanks man!
    Edit: question. Do we have to do anything to be entered in this?
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