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    Dear All,

    sorry if this question was already asked in this forum, I searched a lot but couldn't find.

    My question is to know what can remain private on a BES blackberry. We have an answer here :

    What syncs/is stored/is accessed by the BES includes:

    * Corporate email
    * Corporate calendar
    * Corporate PIM data (address book, memo pad, tasks)
    * Browser bookmarks
    * Password Keeper data (although this cannot be accessed in any way, even when restored to another device, without the PK password)
    * PIN messaging data (including the actual message sent/received); logging turned off by default
    * Phone call data (date/time of call, number called/received, length of call); loggined turned on by default
    * Text message data (including the actual verbage of the text message); logging turned off by default
    * Blackberry Messenger data (this one is extremely klunky to get and I don't know a single BES Admin that turns this one on)
    * All applications installed on the device (games, stock apps, etc.)
    * OS version installed on the device (so we'll know if you upgraded to a beta OS!)

    In addition anything that is a part of automatic wireless backup could *technically* be viewed by performing a restore to a new device.

    What a BES Admin can't see:

    * BIS email messages (I *might* be able to see what service books you have, but cannot read the messages)
    * 3rd party IM messages (Yahoo!, MSN, etc), although I can see which of these applications you have installed.
    * BlackBerry Messenger contact names/PINs
    (can't link the source since I'm not 10 on this forum)

    But does any of you know if it is possible to crypt / protect some of this data (such as SMS TEXT messages for instance) ?

    It seems that BIS data remains out of sight of the Admin, does it mean that for instance they can't see my Gmail Calendar (synchronised on my BB via BIS) ? Same for the gmail contact list/details ?

    Many thanks for you answer !
    06-21-11 06:55 AM
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    When at its most restrictive, BES disables user end encryption on the device.
    Generally not a good idea to mix personal and work where BES exists. I carry two BBs. No personal use on work BB except for emergency contact information.

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    06-21-11 07:46 AM
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    They issued the bb, it is essentially their property. Plan on them being able to access everything. With exception I believe, to the media card. And I may be wrong on this.

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    06-21-11 07:59 AM