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    I saw this post on the BlackBerry Professional Users Group on Linkedin today.


    Here's what they were saying on the actual board.

    An Important Message For All Blackberry Users
    5 hours ago


    There are those out there who say for RIM, the writing is on the wall; that the game is over. But we do not see it that way. Where others see struggle, we see opportunity. Time to bring the best smartphone brand back to the top where it belongs!

    We at PIVOTAL are dedicated Blackberry loyalists and refuse to let RIM fail. For more than six months, my partners and I committed our own resources to develop game-changing ideas --on our own-- for RIM. True to BlackBerry's culture for innovation and boldness, this is a time when we can break convention without breaking ranks. Blackberry's success is inherent to the ability of forward thinking leaders to message and connect.

    If there are members of this group who share our commitment and belief in Blackberry, we would welcome your help in guiding us to RIM CEO, Thorsten Heins using the power of messaging and connectivity. There are over 77 million Blackberry users in the world; 10,000 of whom are members of the community in this group. It is our mission to meet and share our ideas with Thorsten and with your help, we can provide assurance to the 77 million users that Blackberry will be #1 again in the near future.

    We look forward to connecting with you.

    Dan Sorine, Pivotal
    With BlackBerry's current call to action being "Be Bold," I think it doesn't get any bolder than that.

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    I'm sure Thor has many "saviours" who see a $ in RIM.
    04-21-12 07:20 PM
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    Bold, Better, Stronger.
    04-23-12 03:08 AM