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    Hi all,

    I recently moved to China for the next year and took my brand new ATT BlackBerry bold. I bought the international Roaming unlimited data package thinking that would work fine for me. While everything has been great it turns out that ATT (from their contract) could just cancel the plan without notice if your usage exceeds 6 mb a month. So it really itís not unlimited.

    I had some questions for anyone with experience in this:
    1. Has anyone had their service canceled (without notice) by ATT while traveling in China for an extended period of time.
    2. If ATT does cancel the service will they also cancel voice (and my telephone number) or is their some way to ensure that you donít lose the number
    3. When you get a China Mobile BlackBerry package what do you have to do to the phone (other than unlock it) to make sure you are not being charged by ATT (changing APNís, Service Books, etc.). Is it possible that ATT would charge me if the ESIN number of a phone is the same but the SIM is not (e.g. if I missed removing some APN or setting from the phone)
    4. Can I cancel my ATT BlackBerry domestic plan and add it every time I am back in the US (about every 3 months). Will ATT cause me any problems?
    5. If you have the unlimited international plan is there any way for ATT to charge you roaming data just because you were over (which seems silly since it is unlimited!)

    Essentially I am wondering if I should continue with the ATT Unlimited International plan until they cancel me, and then just go and get a China Mobile SIM. I donít think I can cancel my International plan now since I signed a year contract.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. I can be reached by replying to this post or emailing me: cwatkins AT alumni DOT cmu DOT edu

    12-07-08 09:16 PM
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    6mb or 6gb? If it is 6mb, I can send that in a couple of emails with pics.

    1 - You will be notified, but usually when the notification comes, it is pretty darn near cancellation.

    2 - Cancel means cancel, therefore voice is included.

    3 - Ensure there isn't an at&t sim card in there. Also suspend your line until you return.

    4 - You can change, but keep in mind when you come back to the US, the international package needs to be on for 1-2 bill cycles after your return to avoid delayed charges. If a delayed charge appears after the plan is removed, whether the time of the charge was when the plan was on, you will be billed international rates without the package.

    5 - Unlimited is unlimited.

    To avoid all of this, why not just get the China Mobile SIM?

    12-08-08 12:48 AM
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    Also, welcome to Crackberry.com
    12-08-08 12:50 AM
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    They just put that in there my unlimited contract says they can cancel if I have excessive use. All I gotta say is let them I will get a bold then lol they just cover their tails incase they decide you are costing them too much money.

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    12-08-08 03:28 PM