12-20-16 01:42 PM
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    OK .. but that is not going to help. The province of Manitoba has a population of what, say 100 people, and most of that was through in-breeding. haha. Only kidding.

    Let's hope it helps, but I think we all know what the reality is, there is not going to be a huge surge of sales. We all love BlackBerry, or we wouldn't be on this site, but they are fighting a huge, uphill battle. I think we just need to see how the software side of things are going, and assuming they are doing well, they will continue to be "involved" with handsets (to give the end-to-end coverage from handsets to the MDM solution). We sadly won't see the powerhouse they once were.
    Well, slightly more than 100, and not all inbred. I, for example, am an import from Saskatchewan.

    I vividly remember going into Toronto (known in Canada as "the centre of the universe") circa 1990 and seeing a sign saying "Metro Toronto - population 5.? MILLION". Pretty freaky when there's ONE city (not even counting the suburbs) that has more population than probably ALL of Western Canada!

    Yes, sadly, we're not going to see a huge surge of sales - let's face it, MTS is firesaling their PRIVS and I don't see them picking up the DTEKs ... ah well. I will love it while I can.
    12-19-16 12:59 PM
  2. stlabrat's Avatar
    based on the ebay pricing, look like dtek 60 is holding ground >700 euro... resale value greater than market value for what ever the reason. dtek 50 is a bit less... look like dtek 60 still in demand, international version of it at least...
    12-20-16 01:42 PM
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