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    In the mobile handset space, Nokia at 6 and BlackBerry at 10 are considered more exciting than Samsung Mobile that hangs shy of the Top 10 at 12 or the iPhone which is at a distant 35.
    BlackBerry claims it started addressing the youth at the time when it began moving past the enterprise segment. Says Krishnadeep Baruah, director - marketing, BlackBerry India, "When we looked at the category in 2009, the data pointed to the fact that the smartphone intenders were between 15 and 25 years of age." The company claims to have addressed this segment via fresh model launches, introducing colour options, working with operators for more economical monthly plans and building BBM as a closed, secure social media platform. Besides, an app allowed young users to prepare for aptitude tests using their BlackBerrys.
    When asked about how it feels having beaten Samsung Mobile reputed to be the value leader in the Indian market, Baruah says, "We are really excited at having been able to make an impact on a segment that we clearly identified and worked very hard to meet the needs of. If you don't offer relevant product services, your offering will have no value."

    How Nokia, BlackBerry 'beat' Samsung in Indian market - The Times of India
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    01-03-13 10:58 PM
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    I read that a few days ago. I was surprised how Nokia was No 6...but its cool that BB made the top 10
    01-03-13 11:42 PM
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    Not surpirsed, I belive this is just start for BB in India, every high profiles shows/dramas I see show more BBs then anybody else, Bollywood is behind BB so that does reflect to over 800 MILLIONS subscribers. I think RIM will be top 2 brands by the end of 2013..
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    01-04-13 02:24 AM
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    BlackBerry Needs India for a successful launch of BB10! This is indeed good news/timing!
    01-04-13 04:52 AM

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