1. jmandevil's Avatar
    hey guys.ive been on this site for a little over 3 years now and ive learned alot.today i came across a problem.as you all know the new iphone 4 takes a micro sd card.but to keep your blackberry you need an adapter that turns your micro sim to a regular sim.now here is my problem.i put the micro sim with the adapter into my torch which i just went out to buy.unfortunatley the card didnt go in right so when i went to take it out it wouldnt budge.so i pulled with a little force and bang a little gold pin came gushing out.lol.now i have a torch that is totally usless cause it will not read any more sim cards.now my question to you guys is do you know of someone who can replace this part for me.i cant find the part anywhere and i dont know of any repair shops that might have the right qualified people to replace the sim card reader.i live in montreal canada and would like a little advice.thanks in advance
    03-11-11 10:49 PM
  2. Jake Storm's Avatar
    Send it to RIM for repair.
    It may not be covered under warranty, but at least you know it will be fixed right.
    03-11-11 11:09 PM
  3. always_On_point's Avatar
    i would suggest you try crackberry repair center
    03-11-11 11:14 PM
  4. jmandevil's Avatar
    ok and where exactly is crackberry repair shop located?
    03-11-11 11:21 PM