1. spacemanZ10's Avatar
    I use the independent app from bb10 world and at the top and bottom of the article is a 'BlackBerry be bold' add! Nice I thought till I clicked it and it advertises the old devices! Even the supermarkets, popular for the masses only demo the old devices, against the newer android.

    Posted via my splendid Z10
    03-22-14 05:06 AM
  2. lazeeboy's Avatar
    Wow... Those ads still exist? Using "Bold" was already a giveaway as to how ancient that ad is.
    03-22-14 05:23 AM
  3. spacemanZ10's Avatar
    Afraid I only got over to BlackBerry 18 months ago so didn't get the bold ref straight away.
    We did get the adverts for the time shift camera in 2013 on sky Atlantic!

    Posted via my splendid Z10
    03-22-14 06:17 AM

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