1. Iguana Watersports's Avatar
    Good afternoon everyone. I came here to ask a few questions about the potential of using a Blackberry to run my small business that I'm launching in May. I currently have a personal use cell phone that does okay (LG Glimmer with US Cellular) but I don't think It'll be able to do the necessary things to use it for running a business. I wondered if you guys could give me the advantages with say the Bold which is probably the device I would purchase. My business is based around boating so I won't have a land line which makes this device and its capabilities very important to me....
    1.) I want it to be able to carry a huge number of contacts with each contact able to have information, emails, address, etc. I want all of this information to be able to be uploaded onto my laptop every night.
    2.) I want it to have a detailed calendar that has my day to day schedule on it and can be integrated into software on my laptop every night.
    3.) Since I will be working in and around the water being able to upload all of the data from my device to a laptop that stays far away from the water is essential especially if accidentally drop my device in the Lake.
    4.) I would also like something that has a very nice version of Google Maps or something like that so after a client calls and gives me their address I can quickly call it up to see where I'm headed.

    I'm sure much of this information can be found on CNET and other articles but I wanted to here from people who use them every single day. Appreciate any feedback.
    11-29-08 02:53 PM
  2. johnmorganjr1's Avatar
    Well what you want can be done. Get outlook 2003 or newer on your laptop and you can synchronize away.
    11-29-08 04:01 PM