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    BB10 OS and Cascades for Desktop:

    BlackBerry Adaptative Concept-cascasde_pc.jpg

    Ubuntu, even if they failed until now, have seen some facts when they proposed the Edge:
    • Smartphone are reaching the power of laptops
    • Lots of people have a smartphone but also a tablet/laptop/pc, where data and app are sometimes duplicated
    • Only gamers now use big tower pc, but light laptop and tablet
    • To be efficient (for a significant number of people at least) nothing better than a mouse, keyboard and a big screen used by a Desktop oriented OS. Blackberry is very efficiency oriented as seen for the passport design)

    BlackBerry have the means to propose a PC experience:
    • With the Passport, BlackBerry restart to explore larger screens like Playbook. If they continue to dig this way, they may propose a Cascade based OS that is optimized for very large screen (PC display). It should be able to hotly going from 1280*720 to 1920*1080 when the big screen is connected. Android is strong for that.
    • With their investment to the cloud they may optimize the data access. (Even if I think there is nothing like data stocked by yourself and accessed without network).
    • With their investment to the cloud they may propose shared power for processing video rendering or streaming game. They can build up/buy a company like onlive.
    • With Qt, Native C++, Html5 and Android they propose a good range of way to develop and port apps.
    • Chen is not "No tablet, only smartphone" oriented like the previous leader

    The device could even be useful as a keyboard perfectly adapted to the program, or a recap, easy shortcut, etc. The cascasde api can expose a sdk to easily make the small screen a tool. Exemple for a game:

    BlackBerry Adaptative Concept-cascasde_pc_2.jpgBlackBerry Adaptative Concept-z30_commander.jpg

    In the next two years, BlackBerry can be the new PC, but in your pocket.
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    08-16-14 06:27 AM
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    The Desktop:

    BlackBerry Adaptative Concept-cascasde_pc_home.jpg
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    08-16-14 09:52 AM
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    It looks great, but the problem is that the app gap would be even greater on a BB10 desktop (in comparison to the huge Windows ecosystem).
    08-16-14 10:05 AM
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    Mad ting! I love it!

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    08-19-14 09:47 PM
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    Would be cool

    Q10 with Telus on
    08-19-14 09:52 PM
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    No offense, I can see you spent some time on it and I think in terms of the work you did you conceptualize this is pretty cool. But for me, hell no. What works for touchscreens do the exact opposite for a desktop PC. And hell no to using a touchscreen monitor. I hate constantly wiping the smudges from my phone already. If I have to keep a towel and cleaning solution next to my PC monitor 24/7 I think I'll just throw it away. I'll stick to mouse and keyboard and to a more conventional OS optimized for that interface...

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    08-20-14 06:41 PM
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    Thanks all.

    About touch oriented interfaces I agree with you. Windows 8 is too much tactile oriented and harder to use. While Ubuntu had bad pattern for mouse users (like reduced windows menu in the main bar)

    This isn't easy to make an ui that adapts, but the strenght of cascades is exposing options by forced patterns (tabbar, actions, context actions, navigation pane, ...): the desktop ui could display the actions differently from the phone ui to help mouse users.

    And even if we arrive to an imperfect os, (I understand you would prefer a optimized one) the gain is quite great I find ! With one device only: access to phone, bbm, sms, all your config and contacts from the laptop screen.

    The laptop optimized apps will come. And even before that, chrome OS apps would be compatible since it is web based. And people buy chrome OS .

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    08-21-14 10:05 AM

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