1. mojo007's Avatar
    Hey guys,

    I'm new here. I'm still a student and my parents are getting me a blackberry for my birthday, (yeah im so lucky) anyway, my birthday is in November.

    I wanted to get the blackberry 9700 but I heard there is a new version the 9780, do you guys know anything about when it might be coming out? Soon? Or do you think it'll be a while? Thanks for your time guys!
    10-08-10 11:51 PM
  2. Spiral_ouT's Avatar
    Heya Mojo! Welcome to Crackberry!!

    My guess would be late October to mid November. No one knows for sure, so don't hold be to that . But to the best of my knowledge, it will be out publicly around then.
    10-09-10 12:00 AM
  3. mojo007's Avatar
    Oh okay! Thanks so much. so do you think I should wait and be patient instead of getting the 9700? (my bday is on november 6th)
    10-09-10 12:11 AM
  4. grover5's Avatar
    Welcome Mojo, just to add to what Spiral said, I believe it will be coming out for TMobile and AT&T. I think his dates are as accurate as you're going to get so it is most likely worth it to wait a few weeks.
    10-09-10 12:11 AM
  5. mojo007's Avatar
    Oh okay thanks! But I live in Canada, so would it be the same dates as well? Sorry for all the questions :S
    10-09-10 12:16 AM
  6. grover5's Avatar
    I think earlier in Canada. I heard somewhere as early as October 21 on at least one carrier.
    10-09-10 12:18 AM
  7. mojo007's Avatar
    OH okay. i'm really excited for it. It's gonna be my first blackberry
    10-09-10 12:19 AM
  8. grover5's Avatar
    I think it will be the best one on the market, in my opinion, when it comes out. A very good choice.
    10-09-10 12:23 AM
  9. mojo007's Avatar
    Yay, anyway thank you so much guys! really appreciate it
    10-09-10 12:29 AM