1. zevinzion's Avatar
    Up until recently I was using OS on the 9700, and it worked great. I finally upgraded to OS 6 and I noticed that it seemed like my e-mail was no longer being received via push, but hat everyone few minutes (usually about after a 10 minute delay) I would get e-mails in bunches, even though they were all sent at different times.

    I just switched back to OS 5, and I am still encountering the same problem.

    I have 2 BIS e-mail accounts set up, GMail, and my business account, and I used to receive BIS Gmail messages on my Blackberry either before or at the same time as the PC, and now there's a 5 - 10 minute delay.

    How can I fix this problem?

    How can I ensure that my BB is set to receive e-mails via push?

    05-12-11 01:38 PM
  2. tbrenn's Avatar
    probablly needs updated service books.. regardless of which OS you are running, log into your BIS account from your PC, goto 'help' and then choose send service books. from your device. you can also do this from the email settings on the device. after logging in, press the 'bb' button and choose "send service books"

    once you recieve the activation email(s), pull the batter for 30 seconds...

    hopefully that will help you out .
    05-12-11 09:19 PM
  3. zevinzion's Avatar
    I've tried that with no luck...

    Any other suggestions?
    05-13-11 03:57 AM
  4. Giro's Avatar
    I'm having the exact same problem, seems to effect all data. The BB icon that shows connection to BIS is constantly dropping off but I never noticed this affecting data before, now when it's off I can't use the browser, FB, Twitter etc. Likewise there's long delays in receiving email and then an bunch of them will come in at one time.

    I've been onto my carriers data support section about this (Vodafone) and they were referring it up the chain as they hadn't come across it before. I'm on the most recent official OS issued by Vodafone .448 and was thinking of downgrading to OS5 or up to a later unofficial OS to see if that would clear it up.
    05-13-11 08:29 AM