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    Hi All,

    Sorry if this is in the incorrect part of the forum.

    I had an issue recently where the trackerpad went wrong (scrolling up not down)

    sent it off for a repair by Phones 4 U who sent to there repair centre.

    When they received it they had it running for 12 hours and said they had the same issue so sent this onto the Blackberry Approved centre to be repaired... then 3 weeks later im advised that the issue is the dented CAN?? (not sure what this is?? Motherboard?) no longer in warrently and wont work.

    they said this can happen due to dropping the phone, i have to admit ive taken full care of this phone never dropped and kept in the backberry leather case when not being used......

    i collected the phone and the people took pictures to show/prove the issue, when we opened it the lable looks to have been lifted that displays the IMEI number (bubbles under the lable and corner flipped up) also the blue mini clip that covers the screw is still in place(ive been told by sources that this snaps when the device has been opened) I'm assuming the label has been swapped onto another device reasons below.

    • IMEI label lifted
      blue clip still in place
      Scratch though the u on curve (dissapared)
      All software removed from device so it wouldnt boot up

    After 4 hours or working on the device i managed to get it to respond to the BB manger desktop app, and installed the new OS once booted up i checked the IMEI number *#06# it displayed the same IMEI as it was sent in with, but the trackerball works fine now and the LED behind the keys is working fine too (didnt when it was sent in for repair)

    I think that the repair people have gave me another phone and stuck my IMEI number on and changed the IMEI configured within the device.

    Can anyone advise if they have pics of what the inside looks like (so i can compare picture i have has a matalic blue band (edge) and silver back.) sure this should be green and gold and also how they would change the IMEI? is there a way to check like history/ hard printed ect?

    Thanks for your time
    05-20-11 12:07 PM
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    it seems like a lot of trouble to go trough... might be easier for them to give you a refurb... are you sure it is the same imei as your old device, or is it just the same imei on the device as in the operating system..

    there might have been a mis-communication, and given you a refurbished device anyways...
    05-20-11 05:56 PM
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    I have the same problem as Snapper2009. I also sent my phone off to Phones4u to be repaired (due to the fact that my screen stopped working). I've never dropped my phone and take good care of it, but it was also sent back with the problem of a "dented can". The guy in the Phones4u shop didn't even know what a "dented can" was.

    I suspect, as with Snapper2009, something odd is going on.

    My phone model is the Blackberry 8520, if that helps with anything.

    05-28-11 10:13 AM
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    Sorry for the hastle!
    05-28-11 12:02 PM
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    I have same problem in past and claim it now i got new one BB.
    05-29-11 01:07 PM
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    Snapper 2009

    Very Strange!!!

    I had the same response 'dented can' when my phone was returned

    Below is a copy of an email we have sent today to P4U

    "We are in receipt of your letter of 25th May regarding repair to my Smartphone

    This phone was purchased from you on 20th March, by the 8th of May the screen had stopped functioning, and the phone was returned to yourselves.

    We make the following observations:

    (1) The phone you returned to us was not the phone we sent you (There was an identifying mark on the the phone we sent you which is not present on the phone you returned).

    The battery is not the same battery.

    The IMEI label has been removed and replaced.

    The phone has been wiped clean of all its programs and data.

    (2) We do not accept the engineers report or the interpretation of the report contained in your letter.

    The briefest of searches on the internet suggests the above is common practice. (Google 'Blackberry Smartphone dented can' and read 'Snapper 2009').

    You have therefore failed to comply with your statutory responsibilities under the Sale of Goods Act and other legislation

    Within 14 days I expect you to refund my money or supply a brand new phone

    If you do not agree to this course of action we will:

    Commence proceedings in the small claims courts

    Contact Blackberry UK direct with our complaint

    Refer the matter to Staffordshire Trading Standards Department"
    06-01-11 04:24 AM
  7. liammckeon's Avatar
    Welshboy, can you let us know what their response is please?
    06-04-11 11:43 AM
  8. Phones4Uareliars's Avatar
    My daughter had the same problem with Phones4U. They refused to replace her 4 month old Blackberry claiming the 'can' was dented and even sending a photo. I had the phone independently inspected and guess what....they hadn't even lifted the security pin or imei label let alone looked at the 'can'! The guy told us he sees it a lot and that they use a repair centre employing immigrants who don't know what they're doing so they sling it back with a photo that doesn't even relate to your phone. I am still battlling with these fraudsters and think they should be exposed for what they are. I will NEVER shop with Phones4U again and think people should be warned about their duplicit practice. Shame on Blackberry for not regulating those who sell their phones.
    06-15-11 03:23 PM
  9. bluddyblackberrys's Avatar
    I have the same problem i also received a picture etc! Any news on a new phone? What do you think i should do about it?
    06-18-11 06:41 AM