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    Okey straight to the point
    My device: BB 8320 curve titanium TMOBILE NETWORK

    1/ I cancelled my BB data plan 2 days ago. so EDGE immediately becomes "edge". UMA becomes "uma"
    2/ I have Dlink WBR-1310. I am able to CONNECT my BB to ROUTER with no problem. SSID okey, no encryption

    This is what I KNOW
    after connecting with the ROUTER, my BB screen shows "uma" (lowercase), I AM ABLE to make calls, send txt BUT I CANNOT BROWSE internet

    This is what I have TRIED to troubleshoot
    1/ WIFI diagnostic test - done successful
    2/ PIN my wifi-gateway - done successful
    3/ Change my router channels and configuration
    4/ Pull out the battery on BB
    5/ CALL 611 tmobile with NO HELP
    6/ DATA plan is on, default browser configu: internet browser, default MDS: internet browser, and
    Default WAP browesr: t-zones <-- I only have one option

    Okey, so now I am hopelesssly trying to figureout what to do. ALL I NEED is to beable to BROWSE internet on my BB while I'm at home.
    btw, what is Blackberry Feature Enabler ????

    PLEASE HELP.....................
    03-24-09 02:44 PM
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    got it FIX thr TMO
    1/ call TMO ask for BB department
    2/ tell them the situation lowercase uma - tell them to help with SERVICE BOOK and HOST ROUTING TABLE.
    3/ they reset something ...u go online and check for connection - it works.
    4/ pull out the battery and your uma -> UMA
    03-24-09 03:32 PM