1. larry22's Avatar
    Hi to everyone and thanks for reading my message!!

    I finally decided to buy a Blackberry 8300 with a contract with O2 here in the UK. Since I dont drive in the UK (I am a greek student in London), I dont need the GPS and thats why I prefer the 8300 from 8310!

    I would like to ask you guys 2 questions before I buy the BB!!
    1rst question: Unlimited connection for the BB is too expensive here in the UK, so I was thinking for the second option which is 2.70 pounds (4 dollars) per MB. My question is how many emails without attachments and web surfing can I do with 1 MB per month?? I mean, what's the size of a normal email or a webpage?? I am interested in opening about 5-6 emails per day and maybe msn messenger. Will I be ok with 1MB per month??

    2nd question: Is the 8300 locked? Can i use it when I am in Greece, with a greek sim card???? Also, if i dont have an unlimited connection to the internet program. am I charged when I connect to the msn messenger????

    Thank u guys for any replies, i really need your opinion!! Thanks again!
    11-19-07 03:34 PM
  2. BBAndi's Avatar
    I know O2 do a 10 unlimited data plan they say unlimited it is 200MB.

    As for the device being unlocked you can bet that it is locked to O2 and if they will give you the unlock code you will have to pay for it
    11-20-07 04:54 AM
  3. Optimus_Prime's Avatar
    how much is the price different for 8300 and 8310 in UK when you sign up?
    11-20-07 08:41 AM
  4. larry22's Avatar
    Here in the UK 8310 and 8300 dont have a difference in price, just some providers give you 8310 (like vodafone) and some give you 8300. Thanks for your replies guys, but I dont want to do the 10pounds per month for unlimited connection by O2!! So can anyone answer my questions regarding how many emails and web pages can I have with 1MB per month??? Also do I get charged only when I open an email, or immediately when I accept an email? I mean if i get a junk email and delete it without opening it, do i get charged for it???

    11-20-07 08:51 AM