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    Problem with viewing MSN Premium Calendar on Blackberry:

    Microsoft software developers must be warring with Blackberry. I used to be able to view my MSN Premium calendar on the Blackberry 7100i. You would go to PORTALS, MSN, then CALENDAR. The calendar was there in plain view. You could view the details of your appointment, add or delete or modify appointments.

    This is no longer possible.

    Now when you go to portals, your get Windows Live with no option to view the calendar and appointments. I've emailed MSN MOBILE support, and they send back oblivious answers, with promises of future improvements in this area.

    Has anyone else witnessed this travesty of software development? Does anyone have a solution?

    The lack of support from MICROSOFT/MSN MOBILE is not only mind boggling, it's unconscionable. I guess the behemoth just does what it damn well pleases and only supports smart phones that dole out money to them.
    12-06-07 07:56 PM
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    I digress...
    12-09-07 09:08 AM
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    I'll reply to my own thread. I figured out how to view my MSN Premium calendar on my Blackberry 7100i with Sprint Nextel. Sprint took away the MSN icon on the home page where the calendar was once accessible.

    To solve this problem, here are the steps:

    Open your browser on the Blackberry 7100i. Click on: go to. type in: live.com. sign into your MSN/hotmail account. Your calendar is now accessible.

    I can't tell you how many times I contacted MSN support and got no answers. I also got no answers from Sprint Nextel Blackberry technical support. They give you the same runaround: "It's third party software, contact the vendor".

    Both "support" departments are experts at passing the buck.

    Lesson learned:

    Figure this out for yourself. They hire dummies posing as pros in both departments.
    01-27-08 02:45 PM
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    You have that right LimousineOne. We probably know more than most of them know. By the same token I'm sorry that I couldn't help you because I generally do not use MSN and haven't noticed the problem. I think that people are having more trouble with the new berries than we are with our 7100i. What say you???

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    01-28-08 10:57 AM
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    Hey Apollo-

    Have you been able to sync your Blackberry 7100i calendar with MSN Premium calendar or Outlook Express Calendar?
    01-28-08 12:27 PM