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    The company I work for is in the process of converting their cell phone service to Verizon. As part of the process everyone's getting new phones. The IT geeks have set up a website to handle the conversion, and strangely enough the tool is recommending the Curve as a suitable replacement, not just for other smart phones, but also for a lot of the high-end "normal" cell phones. Which means that in the next few weeks I expect about 30% of the 3500 people in the building to be running around with new Curves.

    And there we see the problem......as most of us on this forum have figured out, if you hand the average person a shiney white box with a brand new Blackberry in it they have almost NO chance of being able to follow the directions and get the thing set up. And as for figuring out all the advanced features? (Pardon me while I try to stop laughing long enough to catch my breath )

    My boss, for example, is actually pretty technologically savy, but he's still been camped out at my desk all morning while we try to get him set up. He's suggested I put together a Power Point presentation that we can send to everyone else in our department (and maybe further). I'm putting together a list of topics to cover, but would love some input so I don't miss anything.

    Thanks in advance for any help .

    P.S. They're all going to be on a BES server while I'm using BIS since I refuse to surrender control of my phone to the company. If there's anything unusual that's BES specific, please let me know.
    10-17-08 11:54 AM
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    I think our 101 Lecture Series would cover the most common issues new users run into.
    10-17-08 12:08 PM
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    I think our 101 Lecture Series would cover the most common issues new users run into.
    I agree and I sent a link to this site to my boss as well as a co-worker.

    BUT - some of the people we're dealing with have all the technical skills of your average neanderthal, and I suspect a couple of them would be overwhelmed by sticks and rocks, much less something like a Berry.

    In all honesty, this PP presentation will probably be a half step below the level of the 101 series. Because of the people I'm working with it'll have to include some very basic stuff....you know, stuff like how to turn it on .
    10-17-08 12:20 PM