View Poll Results: when you are eligible for an upgrade will you get another BlackBerry phone

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  • Yes definitely!

    160 61.07%
  • Yes but only the full touchscreen phones

    51 19.47%
  • Yes but only the keyboard phones

    26 9.92%
  • No

    20 7.63%
  • I've Never used BlackBerry 10

    5 1.91%
02-13-14 06:41 AM
205 1234 ...
  1. sleepngbear's Avatar
    As long as there's a BB to come back to, I'll be coming back to a BB. I may not wait til my next upgrade if at&t ever gets off their duffs and starts carrying the Z30.
    02-06-14 04:38 PM
  2. KenFletch's Avatar
    yep, for sure , and if they make a slider I will upgrade early
    02-06-14 04:41 PM
  3. BitPusher2600's Avatar
    While they don't support BlackBerry for squat I am nonetheless very happy with Sprint's service and connectivity, and I loved every BlackBerry I've ever owned, so yes, I will definitely stay put. If there's a new iteration of the Q when my contract is up, I'll probably have it.

    Posted from BitPusher's Q10
    02-06-14 04:43 PM
  4. knighty2112's Avatar
    Perhaps, but all depends on if they carry on developing a touchscreen device rather than the stated preference to develop further keyboard devices. Have to wait and see what another year brings to give a final answer really.

    Z10 In action here!
    02-06-14 04:45 PM
  5. Vorkosigan's Avatar
    Absolutely. After taking a look at what else is out there, including perusing through Android and Apple app stores, it has reinforced my desire to stay with BlackBerry. It's the best platform for me and I love that I get to use an OS that is not only efficient, but a joy to use as well.

    Posted via CB10
    02-06-14 04:55 PM
  6. eldricho's Avatar
    No contract here!
    Will definitely keep using BlackBerry 10! If there is no indication of a new high end touchscreen device by June, I'm getting the Z30 before that months end

    Posted via CB10
    02-06-14 05:03 PM
  7. LMG1963's Avatar
    Had blackberry for years, confess. I did try galaxy s3. Had it 9 mos,,well still have it,,uses it as a music storage device. Bought this Z30. There is nothing that even compares. Highly recommended to all.

    Posted via CB10
    bungaboy likes this.
    02-06-14 05:03 PM
  8. Zirak's Avatar
    I find it interesting that so many people equate start/end of contract with getting a new phone.
    But to keep on topic, I don't plan on changing phone manufacturers.

    Sent while driving from my Crackberry.
    flyingsolid likes this.
    02-06-14 05:05 PM
  9. trsbbs's Avatar
    Depends if BlackBerry can get a high end competitive phone into the U.S. marketplace when my contract ends.

    Right now I'm not too sure they will.

    CB10 via Verizon Z10.
    02-06-14 05:08 PM
  10. Jerale Hoard's Avatar
    Well I'm with T-Mobile so I'll always have a BlackBerry. Hopefully they get new devices for me to upgrade to a newer BlackBerry.

    Posted via CB10
    02-06-14 05:23 PM
  11. rickkel's Avatar
    Yes I will. I am eligible to upgrade right now and am toying with the idea of getting the Z30. I need to see one in real life though to make sure it isn't too big for me (I think it might be) but I've never seen one at any Verizon locations yet (I only need to see a dummy to decide).
    02-06-14 05:35 PM
  12. Drenis's Avatar
    Already did. Within a year too.
    02-06-14 05:37 PM
  13. qwerty4ever's Avatar
    I find it interesting that so many people equate start/end of contract with getting a new phone.
    But to keep on topic, I don't plan on changing phone manufacturers.

    Sent while driving from my Crackberry.
    I keep using my smartphone after the wireless carrier contract ends and only replace it when the device no longer serves it's purpose.

    Posted via the BlackBerry Q5 using CB10.
    02-06-14 05:41 PM
  14. crackbrry fan's Avatar
    I will get whatever new comes along, 100 % without a doubt,perhaps not the Porsche designs as try as I may I can't justify that extra cost but definitely the next Flagship 10 devices! Oh and I buy outright not under contract per se.

    Posted via CB10
    02-06-14 05:45 PM
  15. sparker2758's Avatar
    Let's see got my Z 10 on contact then bought a Z 30 outright so yes even before the contract ends

    Posted via CB10
    02-06-14 05:46 PM
  16. BoldPreza's Avatar
    Right now I'm wavering while I love the functionality of the phones I can't make that decision until the time comes.

    If they have something good then I for sure will stay with them.

    Posted via CB10
    02-06-14 05:56 PM
  17. johnm137's Avatar
    I will if the new device is at least 5 inches touch screen and comes with better camera than z30

    Posted via CB10
    02-06-14 06:19 PM
  18. lynxs_claw's Avatar
    Yep, the OS just keeps getting better and better... hopefully there'll be a z50 or an announcement by June or else I'm just going to pick up the z30 to play around with for a year. Work swaps them out every year for us.
    02-06-14 06:24 PM
  19. modbro's Avatar
    Yes I would, will and by choice.
    02-06-14 06:26 PM
  20. eddy_berry's Avatar
    You bet your a$$ I will. I still think this is the best OS out right now. It can only get better. If, in a years time, there is no new BlackBerry phones I will be very disappointed but I'll get whatever was last released and wait for the next great OS.

    Posted via CB10
    02-06-14 06:33 PM
  21. bungaboy's Avatar
    Will never, ever get another . . . . contract! LoL

    I have been off contract for over a year. Will never go back!

    As for BB10. You bet! Have 2 Z30s and 3 Z10s all bought outright.

    Anyone thinking about the Z30 . . . . Go For It! It is a great mobile computing device!
    02-06-14 06:35 PM
  22. Snap51's Avatar
    Absolutely !
    02-06-14 06:39 PM
  23. madcat72's Avatar
    I have another year and a bit with my Q10, I like it, but for the first time in 7 years I'm not 100% sure which device i'll have next.
    02-06-14 07:09 PM
  24. ajst222's Avatar
    I highly doubt it. My upgrade has been due since August and I haven't used it yet. The Z30 doesn't do it for me. I plan on going Windows Phone when I upgrade. Unless BlackBerry actually comes out with a real high end phone in the Z50, I'm pretty much set on Windows Phone when they release the 8.1 hardware.

    Photo a Day: C002B5A07, my amateur photography Channel
    02-06-14 07:28 PM
  25. southlander's Avatar
    No contracts for me. Yeah my next phone will still be a BlackBerry.

    02-06-14 07:30 PM
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