1. Yoox_II's Avatar
    I realize there has been many threads about blackberry 10's home screen and App layout. But one thing I thought of when I saw the picture of the 2x2 grid of recently opened apps...from my understanding,they are apps that were recently opened but are no longer opened.
    Here is an example of why I don't understand it.
    If a weather app is on the recently opened apps, and it says 20 degrees and sun but the last time you opened it was two days ago, and today it is 30 degrees with thunderstorms...the app will be misleading. Know what I mean? It will display the weather conditions from the last time it was opened which will most likely be alot different than the current weather conditions.
    That's just one example. Another one could be a third party clock app...it would not be the right time. It would be frozen. Or a stocks app, it wouldn't be updated.
    These recent apps are not opened, so even if the phone's "showcase" behavior was turned on, the apps would not update because they are not opened in the first place. It's just snap shots of how the most recent screen in the apps looked when it was last opened.
    I hope someone can prove me wrong or maybe I completely have it wrong and dint understand it correctly. I will still love BB10 no matter what though
    05-22-12 04:14 PM
  2. anon(3858936)'s Avatar
    The 2 x 2 Grid is for currently running apps.
    05-22-12 04:42 PM
  3. Alex_Hong's Avatar
    the 2 X 2 are probably the running apps, similar to the minimised apps on the playbook, except in a grid layout.

    The app screen is the app icons in 4 column layout.
    05-22-12 06:17 PM