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    BlackBerry 10 mini Jam Lagos: RIM came, We Jammed!
    August 16, 2012 · by shaggoo_b · in News ·

    Africa is fast becoming a consumer force to reckon with; following in the steps of China, India and Brazil as a favorite emerging market destination for investors. The tech-investors have come in droves, from multinationals to venture capitalists and global market leaders, there seems to be a genuine gold rush as the continent – widely considered to be largely impoverished – is providing the potential of over a billion willing consumers.

    Shaun Hathrill, Enterprise Channel Sales Manager – East and Central Africa; and Waldi Wepener, Regional Director – East, Central & West Africa for Research In Motion
    Along these lines, Research In Motion (RIM) on Tuesday, the 14th of August 2012, held its first ever Nigerian Blackberry 10 Mini Jam; a full-day event dedicated to providing the Nigerian developer community with insights on the BlackBerry 10 platform. For those of you who are hearing Blackberry 10 for the first time, the Wikipedia entry describes it as “an upcoming proprietary mobile operating system, developed by Research In Motion for its BlackBerry line of smartphone and tablet handheld devices”. In simple terms, RIM is looking to create an ecosystem for their smartphones and tablets that will hopefully appeal to a huge chunk of app developers, and in turn, app users. The event which held at the Co-creation Hub drew a specter of game, application & enterprise developers and covered the BB10 experience, architecture, proprietary coding, the native SDK and development tips.

    Devs at BB10 Jam paying rapt attention
    The event was pretty well packaged, with facilitators evangelizing Blackberry 10 features including smart typing, seamless app switching, gesture control, uber-cool camera features, an intuitive BBM connect system and the game-ifying of apps with scorecards/ratings. The message at the core of the event did not aim to signal a shift in RIM’s enterprise focus, rather, it put forward the company’s social and problem solving credentials which are powered by its ‘bad-ass’ development environment that prides itself on developer inclusion. The event also managed to spark some serious excitement with quick-fire pitches from app developers looking to win blackberry development prizes.

    The author of “SuperHero” pitching his game
    TechSuplex managed an exclusive interview with RIM’s Senior Business Development Manager, Lany Sommers, who revealed that while RIM aims to maintain a focus on it’s core business and technologies (such as the touch screen), it is looking to consolidate on new and future frontiers.

    RIM’s Senior Business Development Manager, Lany Sommers, Segun Bright from TechSuplex (far right)
    She also revealed that the ongoing #bb10jam tour covered South African, Nigeria, Kenya and Egypt; seeking out quality local developers who would in turn inform consumer decision. She was even kind enough to give us an up-close demonstration of the the platform on a Blackberry 10 Dev Alpha; a physical simulator that aims to aid blackberry developers in building and testing Blackberry 10 apps.

    (L-R): Lelany Sommers, Business Development Manager for Research In Motion with William Ukoh, App Developer Winner; and Michael Weitzel, Technical Partnership Manager – Sub Saharan Africa, RIM
    Things wound down with prize presentations to “Gidi Games”, “Superhero” and “Make We Bet” who emerged as the winners of the pitch competition and the event finally closed after a vibrant Q&A session that revealed the opportunities and challenges that will be present when the Blackberry 10 platform launches formally some time in 2013. Whatever the future holds, it is quite clear that RIM is looking to be an integral part of it by driving development, social interaction and some good ‘ol core competencies.
    08-15-12 09:12 PM
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    Research In Motion is keeping BlackBerry 10 Mini Jam in Lagos. RIM done deal with the CcHub to bring the BlackBerry Developer Program to Lagos. BlackBerry series will be hosted by RIM and CcHub throughout 2012.
    08-16-12 08:00 AM