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    I ve been a blackberry fan for more than 8 years and just shifted to Samsung S5 from a z10.

    Honestly I miss my z10 big time and it's a great phone compared to the S5 with more benefits and easier to use such the following:

    1) Great Hub for everything that no phone has.
    2) the peak and hide option great
    3) shifting between apps without touching a button. ( with the S5 it like your using an outdated phone that still has buttons)
    4) best keyboard

    You only can tell the difference after shifting from BB10.

    The reason why I decided to shift:

    As I am a marketing manager I rely on social Media such as instagram.

    1. No native instagram app
    2. After the 10.2.1 update battery life is very bad and camera is not performing really well it is blurry and sometimes doesn't work
    3. Software updates take ages
    4. Companies don't have the BlackBerry product knowledge. To support in maintenance issues.

    I wish they can fix all the issues above I would move back in a heart beat in fact am send this message from Z10

    Hope the Ceo can read this.


    04-16-14 01:11 PM
  2. Bla1ze's Avatar
    04-16-14 01:14 PM
  3. Elite1's Avatar
    1. Had you tried the third party native BB10 apps for Instagram, like iGrann? Or now that you're on 10.2.1, did you know you could install the exact same Instagram Android app on your Z10 that you'd use on an S5?

    2. How long were you running 10.2.1? After an OS update, you can often experience poorer battery life for several days, even up to a week or two in the odd case, before it improves to what will be its long term performance.

    3. It seems to me that BB10 has more frequent updates than Android.

    4. Can't argue with you there. You'll find much better BB10 support here on CB than you will from most carriers.
    04-16-14 01:19 PM

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