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    Anyone who complains about windows 8 just doesn't know how to use it.. it's a huge improvement over previous versions of windows, it's faster, it runs great and it finally brought some long awaited features like being able to pause file transfers. If you don't like metro disable it.. the OS is still awesome. For PC's that is.. not phones.. BB10 FTW!
    And who's fault is that? *cough* microsoft *cough* if they actually invested in some marketing to educate consumers on how to use the da*n thing people wouldn't be complaining. You can't just take away the start button and hope for the best. Plus (in my opinion) it's ugly. Looks like a 12 yr old kid took some crayons and went to town.

    BB10 will have the same challenges and I hope RIM is aware.
    01-29-13 12:41 AM
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    I just saw a commerical for auditions for the Dragon Den on CBC, for u non Canadian it's a business idea pitch show, at the end it said sponsored by Blackberry 10. Looks like the advertising has started for BB10!
    Just an FYI, Dragons Den is called Shark Tank in the USA.

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    01-29-13 05:50 AM
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