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    [The full article is a bit on the technical side but is brilliant and worth a read]

    BlackBerry 10: Forget about the phone - it's the OS that really counts | ZDNet

    What comes next is connecting your phone or your tablet to a lot more than email, websites, Twitter and Angry Birds.

    "Soon we will give you ways to connect your mobile experience not just to other people but to the world around you," Heins promised. "You will be in the middle of things and you will be connected to the internet of things; this is what being connected will mean in the future."

    "We have created a platform that's able to work with other machines, to extend you beyond mobile devices to a car, to your home, to a healthcare system, to wherever you are."

    Mobile computing needs a different approach from taking a fundamentally desktop-bound operating system and dragging it around with the equivalent of a very long invisible Ethernet cable. A truly mobile OS must expect you to switch between online and offline modes on a regular basis
    QNX has a lot of advantages, such as memory protection that runs every program in its reloadable process (including drivers, networking and the file system) with adaptive partitioning that guarantees critical processes always have enough CPU time. It also has a microkernel (called Neutrino) that's so small it can fit in the CPU's L1 cache, so the messages it passes are very fast.
    Take your phone into the car and the music on your phone could show up in the media player on the dashboard (many car makers use QNX it's what the OnStar system is built on, for instance). Sit down in front of a TV with a QNX-powered set-top box and you could use your standard remote control to play videos that live on your phone (or in a streaming cloud service that your phone connects to). The temperature controls on your thermostat could show up on your phone whenever you're in the house and not be in the way when you're at work.

    Incidentally, you can use the CPUs and the network connections on both connected devices to get faster processing and more bandwidth if you want. Want to run something demanding on your phone? Do it using the processor in your tablet as well. Connect to what you need, use it and then walk away and let QNX worry about what's still available and what's not.

    The only limit is developers' imaginations and the number of embedded systems that use QNX. As that includes cars, trains, industrial robots, heart monitors, guitar pedals and the camera on the ISS as well as nuclear power plant controls it's just as well QNX has excellent security. However, it definitely gives BlackBerry a head start on connecting to the Internet of Things. Thorsten Hein's boast about mobile computing might well be part of the future.
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