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    Found this article online. A good read.

    Thorsten Heins, CEO at RIM has mentioned many times how powerful the companyís next platform Ė BlackBerry 10 will be. He also stated that itís base is future proof & reliable to last for the next 10years easily. In the recent presentation made in New York, the CEO stayed confident & shared a new ray of light for the enterprise sector. RIM is pitching the new phone to corporations as a replacement for desktop and laptop computers in offices over time. How is it possible? Well thatís one of powerful features RIM has up their sleeves. Letís dig into it for more shall we?

    RIM is introducing all new BlackBerry Enterprise Server(BES) 10 along BlackBerry 10 OS that leverage companyís IT dept. to access Workside of employees BlackBerry 10 smartphones over the air. They will be able to wipe out all of a companyís data on a phone when an employee quits, while leaving the former workerís personal data, including photos, untouched. This is a perfect solution build by RIM for BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) program with a solid security of all confidential data.

    How Will BlackBerry 10 Replace Laptops & Computers?

    RIM is pitching the new phone to corporations as a replacement for desktop and laptop computers in offices over time. Thorsten sketched out a situation in which BlackBerry 10 phones will act as building passes for employees who, once at their desks, will connect their BlackBerrys to keyboards and displays. This statement clearly approves that all BlackBerry 10 smartphones will sport a HDMI output slot to connect devices to large screen TVs, Monitors or even projectors. As expected the phone will share the display with the unit connected. Similar to BlackBerry PlayBook, BlackBerry 10 devices will also support connection to Bluetooth Keyboard & mouse without any issues. The video below explains how its done over PlayBook tablet & a normal consumer desktop monitor. With the same concept RIM shows their BES customers a new way to operate computer systems at offices cutting their budget costs overall. In short, the employee is carrying all work data on the move with the BlackBerry 10 smartphone. No need of Desktop PCs/Laptops. One just need a Monitor plugged in to his BlackBerry 10 smartphone at desk. How better the enterprise solution can get?
    Full story which has the video, can be found via the following link.

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    11-15-12 12:53 PM
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    We've seen that movie before. I believe they were called X Terminals :

    X terminal - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    And there was a follow up attempt called a netbook as well.

    - R.
    11-15-12 02:54 PM
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    Thin clients are only as good as the back end server really. That includes Citrix which I believe TH is referring. Iv'e used Citrix with PlayBook and it isn't awesome but it is use-able. The PB needs more power and RAM and hopefully the new phones have enough processing power to make a good experience. Another thing - if Citrix is re-written to be a Cascades app then there would be another performance boost. I expect that Citrix may do this or like the BB10 Browser, do it in HTML5 or who knows it may even be integrated somehow???

    There was a video showing multimedia apps on a DevAlpha B recently that also showed Docs2Go but other apps like SmartOffice are available and they don't require Cirtix. If BES10 is able to keep Business files in sync or backed up on the corporate intranet that's a great alternative. For a small business it may be a cost saving to carry a phone and a HDMI cord relying on cloud storage but the downfall in this type of system in that a laptop is an all-in-one solution where a phone + cord + keyboard + mouse + monitor definitely is not. Though its hard to argue that commuting with only your phone and using docking stations wouldn't be nice.

    That article tells me that the micro usb will have network and HID support. It may also mean that the BB10 N series will output HDMI video in 1280x720 to match the monitor resolution. I don't think it's acceptable to have a square image on a HD monitor.

    But the caveat in all this is security and RIM is pretty good at that. It's gonna be interesting to see how well RIM rolls out this vision.
    11-18-12 05:04 PM
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    QNX could allow for a pretty powerful back-end server for thin clients. RIM has a great OS and they know it, they just need to figure out how to use it.
    11-19-12 01:01 AM
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    I've always believed that eventually people wouldn't carry laptops and that their mobile devices might/could replace them. If RIM sees this happening in the next 3 to 5 years, then it will be interesting to see which features they will implement to make this happen.

    I almost want to say Microsoft might beat them there with Windows 8 and WP8 sharing the same kernel. I think the Pro version of W8 on the surface tablet is going to be an exciting thing
    11-19-12 12:01 PM
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    I regularly use my BlackBerry PlayBook as an ultra-portable notebook computer replacement. Sometimes a native application is available and other times a remote session via web browser is required depending upon the task at hand. Remote management of servers via GateOne, locally editing documents via Text Editor and processing via otgTeX, academic and professional development courses via multi-tabbed web browser, full access to my email, contacts, calendar via BlackBerry Bridge, etc. Portable access to my library. Is the BlackBerry PlayBook in its current state (software) perfect for every use-case? No. Am I willing to be a pioneer in the transition to a truly mobile computing experience? You bet your boots! As far as reliability is concerned the BlackBerry PlayBook gets much better battery life than my notebook computer and thus far I have not lost any documents stored on the tablet computer. For the record, I keep most documents on the microSD card in my BlackBerry smartphone, access them via BlackBerry Bridge unless they are too large for Bluetooth to handle (this is definitely a BlackBerry Bridge design decision because there is no theoretical limit to the file size transferable via Bluetooth), and keep the microSD card content backed up to an in-house server. Being able to connect my tablet to an HDTV / HD monitor and using a Bluetooth keyboard / trackpad / mouse is fantastic.

    The recent demonstration presented by Canonical of their Ubuntu Linux(full version) running on a Motorola smartphone connected via a hub to a USB keyboard, USB mouse, HDMI monitor, and wired network connection gives me hope that BlackBerry OS 10 can have the same "desktop experience" user interface and capability as the product matures. I think this is the type of experience Thorsten Heins envisions when he says tablets will replace notebook and desktop computers within 3-5 years for many people.
    11-19-12 01:05 PM

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