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    A consumers rant.

    1 I want something more than a Q&A from a dev sample of one. No offense team CB but that felt like blowing smoke...

    2 A genuine explanation for the delay. It is delayed because.........

    3 Some info on features. Not the new and the radical, thats for launch, but you need to let me know it will it have a wallet other than with the 1 UK bank?. Will you price your apps correctly as 10 is not the same as $10. 4g y/n?. Video chat y/n? Can you tell me how many completed BB10 apps are ready? I dont necessarily need names but you must be able to say that you have currently n number of submitted apps, maybe the delay is security, because you checking the apps so we dont end up with trash.... That is a great reason for the delay.

    4 I am losing faith RIM so help me out. GET YOURSELVES A MEDIA FRONT MAN. RIM your are being habitually bullied and there is no teachers here go run to so you need to get bloodied. I need to see you defending yourself, I cant do it, CB cant do it, and when i see my friends 18 year old daughter switching to droid I KNOW you have a problem as she has never owned anything but BBs.

    5 I could list the apps I wanted, and dont mean skype or netbollocks, it would take too long to list all, but you need to get real world with your apps. For example a decent shopping app. 7" is the form fact of choice so spend some of your $2billion buy some ipads and droid tablets and head hunt some app devs. I occasionally watch an American tv show called "extreme couponing" and they all use ipads.... Thats completely free advertising cause it has real world use. Also Collectorz.com, talk to them and get them on board, please.

    I am a loyal BB consumer and as such I am here to the end. I got my 9900 on a 12m contract in anticipation of BB10, its not due till September and just two weeks ago I told Vodafone UK that I am waiting for the new BB10 handsets. One for me (keyboard), One for my Partner (touchscreen) and my son will inherit mine. But if I take just a few minutes to look at the rest of Mobile Nation I can see why the grass looks greener. RIM l will say it again..... You need to blow your own trumpet because no-else knows the tune.

    Consumers are leaving because the press is telling them, in big F**KING headlines that your failing. WHY would i tie myself to you for 2 years when YOU havent got the guts to stand up for yourself. I want to see Thorstein Heins on the front pages not at BB only speak easy's. Take a leaf out of Richard Branson's book and get out there. In fact hire him and his team as consultants not some random bank. Bankers (and I work for one) are about money. Not tech. Not services. Not operating procedures. Not cost effectiveness. Just Money. Bankers dont know your business Mr Heins, how can you expect them to do whats best for your products?? So hiring them, usually means financial difficulties, which we know in your case isn't an overriding concern, yet. Which only leaves you looking to sell out.

    I may be simplifying the situation, BUT consumers are simple creatures and on a whole thats what they see. RIM consumers need something to consume. Delaying BB10 with no real communication and no expectations or explanations leaves me, the consumer, with nothing to consume. Nothing but a name and a couple of stale demo videos.

    Please sir can I have some more?

    It is time for action and not just words.

    As for team CB your "World Tour" feels like your looking for new platforms to align yourselves with. If you want to do something for the CrackBerry Nation, Kick the damn door in and drag Mr Heins and his team into touch. Stop sitting on your laurels, get all Lois Lane in their collective a**es and find out whats really going on.
    07-02-12 02:03 AM
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    You could have just said "PR!"
    07-02-12 02:06 AM
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    You could have just said "PR!"
    I could have done but thats far to simple and has been said time and time again. And that developers point of view just pissed me off. It genuinely feels like RIM and now CB are fobbing us off. You cant be loyal to some who shows you no loyalty.

    I am the tech leader in my family and to many of my friends and right now I cant recommend BB to them. We are not interested in a gazillion apps. Function, form and finish have been the main stay but now I need to include future and that isnt feeling good.
    07-02-12 02:30 AM
  4. Speedygi's Avatar
    To defend RIM, Thorston only just taken the helm for a small period of time. The PR isn't going to be fantastic, and I imagine he would still need a little more time to know the ins and outs of the company, to place belief in his employees that they can pull this off.

    I would wait for a few more months to see how it goes myself. See how the next few earning calls turn out. Forget the usual things ascribed to companies who don't have their backs to the wall, this is where RIM's mettle will be tested, and its fans.
    07-02-12 05:15 AM