06-12-16 06:34 PM
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  1. co4nd's Avatar
    whats worse are all the clowns with suits working for bb who couldnt figure out from the get go that charging $700 for a phone was overkill
    Suits at Apple have no problem selling them for more than that.
    06-02-16 05:26 PM
  2. ohaiguise's Avatar
    There's a difference between being on life support and being dead.

    Even BB OS 7.1 and lower are still around and will be for years.
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    06-02-16 05:46 PM
  3. GadgetTravel's Avatar
    Well many of them do use Good which is now owned by BB so I guess technically they are still loyal BB customers.
    I meant handsets.

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    06-02-16 08:41 PM
  4. Al moon's Avatar
    Suits at Apple have no problem selling them for more than that.
    well there you go you said it yourself apple sells bb on the other hand well you know......
    06-02-16 09:51 PM
  5. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    I would love to see the enterprise numbers. I worked in the corporate environment for years, I can't tell you the last time i saw bb devices being deployed. I think BB is full of fluff whenever they state that enterprise mumbo jumbo...I know for a fact that the finance, construction, education sector are not kicking down their door for bb devices.
    Yeah this is pretty much the same story as they told with the Classic and the LEAP.

    I do believe that they do have customers that want their devcies. They issue is how many of them are there? Is it a number that will eventually stabilize and maybe even grow, or will it continue to shrink until it's just not possible for BlackBerry to meet their needs?

    Think BlackBerry is where IBM was with their desktop computer market. They just can't compete on price, and really aren't offering a product that is different enough.
    06-03-16 08:28 AM
  6. WiseEyes's Avatar
    I meant handsets.

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    That's just extraordinarily misguided on the part of those financial institutions which pride themselves on strict & proven security systems, standards, & strategies; but then, they have been trying to shift the lion's share of accountability & of liability (especially) onto the merchants & customers. At least they're getting the MDM right.

    Q10 has been a healthy supplement to my work | life balance. Posted via CB10.
    06-12-16 05:11 PM
  7. WiseEyes's Avatar
    When John chen was hired,his sole purpose was to keep blackberry afloat,,handset business wasn't doin gud then he moved to software side with certain acquisitions,bb10 failed# firstly u can't compare a single bb10 device spec-wise with iphone or samsung,htc etc given that Z30 n passport are the only two that look promising,#secondly they failed to get former pearl,storm,curve,bold users to classic n q10 bcoz they don't know about these or have moved to other platforms bcoz they want something better than these,,#third one u can't put a garbage selfie camera in ur $700 phone,the first thing people do today picking up a phone is take a selfie n look at the cameras,,#fourth there's a huge app gap on bb10,they could have worked on that but don't know why they decided to screw themself up and finally zero marketing,tryin to compete with giants without having a base or ground beneath the feet,zero vision,should target the markets where u still got some hold to capture some ground n then move to bigger markets with better strategic plans,moving to android is not gonna help,it'll increase android's market share not blackberry's.

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    √ Chen was hired to right the ship (not to just "keep BlackBerry afloat").
    √ Handset costs were streamlined & offset.
    QNX & BB10 were already in the building when Chen arrived & made software the company's emphasis with exponential vertical & lateral growth that began before the bolstered success of acquisitions.
    → BB10 has not failed but has actually improved the mobile device industry as every handset manufacturer keeps trying to compare itself to BlackBerry & try to disguise that their new "innovations" & features (both in hardware & in software) are usually old news to BlackBerry devices & software. BlackBerry led the charge in bringing SD cards back to mobile phones & did so with support up to 2TB!
    → While there are some particular apps that are not currently available for varying BlackBerry 10 devices (generally due to Google Play services requirements in APK's when such app developers have attempted to exclude BlackBerry support), what app solutions do you find so lacking when so many Android apps merely exist without so much as 100 downloads. (Facebook owns WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, & Instagram; so that's the same company which could have used some BlackBerry security to better prevent the rampant account hacking & shenanigans that have even affected its CEO's account. Besides, there's no app gap, there! & PayPal is embedded in BBM.)
    → For the same reason that it makes no relevance to judge Apple computer specs by Windows computer specs, it makes no relevance to compare specs across different mobile platforms, but it's only fair to mention that BB10 devices have been leading the industry for years with better security, better battery endurance, better work flow, better access, less infections, & less need for apps which complement it's generally excellent hardware dexterity as reasons why BlackBerry devices sport the longest average user ownership in the industry. Why do the other phones need so many screen replacements & repairs; & why do those other phones get replaced so much? Apparently, broken handsets have been part of the sales strategy for the non-BlackBerry crowd.
    → Obviously, you have not used an updated Priv which does well with both of its cameras, gets monthly updates, runs Marshmallow -- with which many Samsung & LG devices are having issues running -- & is available for $419 or less via Newegg! By the way, 2MP front-facing cameras were fine on plenty of other current phones that aren't getting criticized.
    √ Marketing for the Priv was quite aggressive including giveaways, contests, commercials, & advertising. Blame the anti-BlackBerry biased "analysts," "journalists," bloggers, & TROLLS for omissions, slights, rumors, & outright lies. Blame the biased salespeople who AVOID even learning about the Priv or ANY BlackBerry, who AVOID mentioning it to customers, who try to talk customers OUT of buying ANY BlackBerry, & who falsely train & misinform whoever mentions one by snickering at, ridiculing, & sabotaging the appeal. Blame the stores for HORRIBLE product placement of BlackBerry devices & for not adequately preparing BlackBerry devices for demonstration to potential customers. Besides, why would an INFORMED customer pay those stores & salespeople for a device that they don't want to support, don't intend to update (at all even though updates arrive monthly), & don't adequately insure when all of that is CHAMPIONED by BlackBerry's site (beat only in current pricing by the likes of Newegg).

    Q10 has been a healthy supplement to my work | life balance. Posted via CB10.
    06-12-16 06:34 PM
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