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    RIM CEO sees new BlackBerry powering growth

    Key quotes:

    RIM has already given the demo phones to developers and to carriers, and its new BlackBerry Enterprise Server 10, which runs the devices on corporate networks, is in beta testing with 20 key customers both government agencies and corporates.

    With the erosion of RIMs base particularly strong in North America, there has been speculation the company could choose to launch the new phones in a region where the phones remain popular. Heins said that would not be the case.

    We cannot launch every carrier and every country on the same day, but what we have defined is a set of waves in the various regions, he said. It is going to be a global launch. There isnt one preferred region. We are managing and planning it as we speak.
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    11-14-12 09:41 PM
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    Yes, Heins and the Mayans...

    Meanwhile on topic, glad to see media covering BB10 progress, it is giving the reading public new updates about RIM..
    11-14-12 09:48 PM
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    BlackBerry 10 is revolutionary. Fluid user experience on mobile. Powerful integrations across ALL applications. An experience designed to make life a little sweeter.

    Jan 30, 2013 - Mark your calendars.
    11-15-12 01:00 AM

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