1. targnik's Avatar
    In all likely hood I'll get a spray for posting this, so be it. [Spray and walk away]...

    iPhone (user) - trapped in their ecosystem, they have their shiny 'precious' ... They don't care about anything else b/c they're fixated with 'the one to rule them all'.

    Android (user) - doesn't care what anyone else thinks because they're too busy - modding, tweaking, enjoying their device(s). [And fighting off viruses/Trojans/having their identities stolen] :lol:

    Blackberry (users) - too busy caring what everyone else thinks aboot their device. They can complain re, device but heaven help anyone else that does!!

    PS - OT - are CB Moderators a lil neo-nazi? 'Please resize your images, they're too big' changing thread titles from - 'Non BB Device Screenies' to 'Non Blackberry Device Screenshots'!? Come on guys live a little

    Sent from my LG-V500
    07-06-14 01:26 PM
  2. BlackBerry Guy's Avatar
    We don't need to start this...again.
    There are better things to talk about on a Sunday.

    If you need a laugh, enjoy this oldie but goodie
    07-06-14 01:37 PM

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