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    Hi BB owners,

    Just got my new 8520. From last 5 days reading everything that I could to make my blackberry apps (like Gmail, Gtalk etc.)work on Wi-fi without BIS.

    I don't have any data plan though I have normal GPRS.

    As per the information I could gather :-

    When a subscriber ask for enabling BIS from his service provider, the operator sends some service registers having some settings to use browser on BIS.

    After that by browser(BIS) can be used for internet browsing instead of usual Hotspot Browser or WAP.

    Now my question is that if this service register named "BrowserConfig" contains all the setting, can these setting be tweaked to direct data traffic to Wi-fi (taking setting from wi-fi service register) instead to default service provider gateways.

    I think applications like gtalk,gmail etc try to find this service register, so if this register is present and has wi-fi settings in it, the data can be routed via wi-fi.

    It's like fooling your BB to have wi-fi settings instead of usual BIS settings.
    Does it sound feasible ?

    Any inputs would be appreciated.
    01-21-10 05:19 AM
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    I am also interested in this, I had the 8330 quite some time ago and have always loved RIM's phones. My 8530 comes in tomorrow and I am also interested in this.

    P.S. I am going to make a video of me crushing my old phone; the dreaded Treo! Window's OS and Palm Os.

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    01-21-10 05:27 AM