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    Okay so what is the main difference server wise? Why would someone want a bes when bis works (and is less expensive from a billing standpoint)?

    Especially when it seems u have to go thru a big hassel to get rid of an it policy

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    BES is for business, BIS is for consumers. There are huge benefits for a company hosting their own BES. Some features include: wireless calendar/addressbook sync, remote wipe, OTA application push, IT policy restrictions (ie disable installation of 3rd party apps), puts you on the company intranet (no need for vpn client, great for remote administration), MDS service, the ability to manage/monitor/control multiple devices from a single console, etc... There is more to it than that, but you can read up on it more here: BlackBerry - BlackBerry Enterprise Server | Integrate Enterprise Applications, Data & Wireless Communication
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    Sweet thanks!

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    BES is definitely how a BlackBerry was made to work. If you have the oppurtunity to try out a hosted BES you'll never look back.

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