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    Hello, my friend got burnt when she bought a refurbished Pearl on eBay. She can't connect to BIS so all she can use is AT&T's internet which eliminates a lot of her Pearl's functionality. She contacted the AT&T reps and they were no help at all. So I've tried resending her service books, memory cleaning, hard reseting the phone back to default, and battery pulls all to no avail. I suspect that the old user of her phone did not release their PIN so she cannot start up her own BB account.

    When I get a Storm/Tour in the near future I plan to sell this person my Bold which currently works great. What steps should I take or who should I talk to so I can ensure that when she uses the phone it will have full BIS access and functionality?
    07-01-09 02:25 PM
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    There is a chance the Pearl is fine, logging on to BIS can be a challenging, including apparently incorrect PIN error messages.

    The trick is to create the BIS account using BlackBerry Email Setup Wizard. Once it has been created on device, you can log on to the Internet website for extended maintance, like management of filters.

    07-01-09 03:09 PM
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    So how would I go about doing that? Also when I give up my Bold should I do anything to avoid this issue in the future?

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    07-01-09 03:21 PM
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    Sorry about the double post but I think I might not have explained it as clearly as I should have in my OP.

    I cannot use the email setup wizard on the pearl. Since I have no BIS connectivity it will not let me access the email setup wizard or any other BIS exclusive utilities.

    Either way the point of my post is about properly vacating my Bold. Can I just swap our SIM cards out or are there more steps involved to make the Bold work properly for the 2nd hand user?

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    07-02-09 09:27 AM