1. mosh2212142's Avatar
    I recently purchased a seconhand torch 9800 from ebay, and after registering for BIS with my provider I have been unable to connect to the BIS at all, so no email or internet. The blackberry network dots appear next to the 3G symbol in the top right hand corner, but in service status it shows that the BIS is not connected. I have spent hours on the phone to my provider troubleshooting this problem. They have completely run out of ideas and have no clue why this is happening.

    Just wondering whether anyone else has had this problem, or what might be causing it?

    07-18-12 01:06 AM
  2. Pearldude's Avatar
    You could try running a few diagnostic tests...try sending a PIN message to yourself. If you are registered with some sort of BlackBerry infrastructure you should get a successful reply. If the PIN or device is blocked or blacklisted you might see the following:

    Sent Using: Peer-to-peer
    Message Status: Service

    You can also run a diagnostic test from 'Mobile Network' open and hit the BB key, diagnostic test/run. It will take a few minutes but give you loads on info..eg BlackBerry registration/connected to BlackBerry/PIN-PIN status. The prior history might give you a clue as to whether it was originally on a BIS or BES. It may still be registered on a previous network. You can still get network dots even if the device was locked or blocked on another service.
    07-20-12 05:22 PM