1. dcapone's Avatar
    Is it possible to completely customize all of the options associated with push e-mail setup?

    I am trying to setup push e-mail and the only initial options are e-mail address and password. The problem is the BIS site creates the account as an IMAP connected account. I would like it to retrieve mail via pop. Is there any way to change this or completely customize the setup?
    11-12-08 02:39 PM
  2. UncleMike's Avatar
    You can get more options if you initially enter your email address and a blank password. This causes the setup to fail, and gives you the opportunity to do a manual setup. I don't know if this will get you what you need, but this is a common way to create a non-default setup.
    11-12-08 04:30 PM
  3. teeitupmo's Avatar
    You need to login to your carrier's BIS web site to further customize your email account options.

    Setting signatures...IMAP...POP... etc.
    11-12-08 07:19 PM