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    I have a blackberry and subscription (BIS) to Telkomsel Indonesia. I have another number with another provider (Indosat Indonesia), if I register BIS to the Indosat, could I use the Indosat with my blackberry, so I could use the two sim card with my blackberry (one at a time of course). My Blackberry 8900 is unlocked so could be used with any provider, but I don't know that could my blackberry be used with two provider one at a time?
    04-30-09 02:11 AM
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    sounds like that would work. as long as the blackberry is unlocked, it can be used with any other gsm carrier. and if you have blackberry(BIS) plans for both carriers, it should be flawless. you can have two plans and two sims, and just pick which sim you want to use.
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    04-30-09 02:14 AM
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    Nice to know that Thank You SofaKingKev!!! You rock!!!
    04-30-09 02:25 AM
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    you cannot have two bis accounts with one blackberry even if they are from different sp's

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    I Just register new Blackberry Service to XL, the connection went to EDGE, checking email (send and receive both OK) works fine. I switched back the sim card to my TELKOMSEL, and the blackberry service still working fine. Of course i still use the old email address xxxxx at telkomsel.blackberry.com and my another email address, but both sim card (with blackberry subscription) work fine with my blackberry device. I'm gonna try again later with INDOSAT!

    Maybe I got confused with BIS and blackberry subscription from my provider, my mistake, sorry
    04-30-09 04:48 AM