1. BBA's Avatar
    Hey Guys,
    I need your help with the following:

    I have a BlackBerry 9800 and I have a Gmail account setup, but I always receive the same emails twice.

    When I go into my BIS settings and delete the only Gmail account there, then I only receive one email and not a dublicate. But I find no way to delete that "phantom" email account. It has to be registered via my BIS in some way but I cannot delete it. Nor can I send emails with this "phantom" account. Emails just come in.

    Does anyone know how to completely remove all the email accounts on my phone/bis? I tried a wipe but it didnt work.
    10-23-11 05:25 PM
  2. NickA's Avatar
    Did you have another BIS account setup under a different user name? I had something similar happen when I got the 9930. It was still trying to use my setup from a couple years ago when I had a Curve. I called Verizon and they did something to fix it. It think they suspended or deactivated my old account.
    10-23-11 06:57 PM