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    Am I doing anything wrong or does BIS just not supported it? Whenever I get an email when I am at home, I get it in my email application on my desktop and pushed to the BB.

    Of course, I then read it at my desktop and may even delete it. None of this, neither the 'read' status nor the deleted message, is being propagated to the device, ie I still have unread emails on there. Maybe emails, I may have already deleted two hours earlier.

    Is that normal? I have enabled the option to 'Sync deleted messages between mailbox and the device' in my email account's settings on BIS.


    12-10-08 04:28 PM
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    Try this:

    When viewing the message list on the BB, press the Menu button and open Options. Within Email Reconciliation, change the "On Conflicts" option to the option you want. If you want the BB to mark your mailbox messages a read, set to "Handheld". Set the option to "Mailbox" if you want your computer to mark messages as read on your BB.

    Then to update either, select "Reconcile Now" from the BB messages menu.

    I haven't tried this using BIS, but it works like a charm on BES.

    BTW, when I setup my Gmail account using BIS today, I did get a message that it may take up to 20 minutes for messages to start coming in to my BB. This may be the same for any updates to the mailbox.
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