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    Hey (:

    I'm wondering does anyone know if there's a BIS login site thats not affiliated with a service provider?

    The only reason is,
    My provider actually doesn't have a BIS login and also do not sell BlackBerrys anymore.
    Unfortunately, my BB was stolen & I'm reaaaaaaaaaaaally having withdrawal symptoms so I need to buy a new BB and I need to unlock my PIN or whatever!

    I can't do that,though as I've mentioned above the provider I'm with doesn't have a BIS login page.

    Can anyone LINK me to the BIS login in for me?

    my other option could be to cancel my BIS for one month then add the package to my plan again
    would that give me a new BIS account or just reactivate the same one?


    Thanks SO much.

    03-09-11 06:16 PM
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    All BIS login pages are carrier-specific and you cannot use another carrier's BIS page. To my knowledge there are no exceptions and no way around it: Your carrier must have a BIS service and login page for you to use it. Have you tried just setting up the account from the device itself?

    Edit: Sorry, on BerryBlab you can't saee the original post while replying. I now see your BlackBerry was stolen, and indeed you need a BIS login screen to switch PINs. Still, to my knowledge there are no non-carrier-specific BIS sites. Sorry for your difficulty!

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    03-10-11 06:31 AM
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    I agree that your carrier has to maintain a BIS login page if they continue to offer the service as part of your plan - regardless of whether they still sell the phones or not. Call them. It could be that they changed where it goes through.

    I can't tell if you're in North America or not, but have you looked through this page? It gives you all the N.A. carrier BIS pages.

    BlackBerry - Smartphone and Email Account Setup

    If you are not in N.A., there is a similar help page on BB site for other countries.

    Also, I think you have to actually call your service provider to release the PIN from the BIS anyway - otherwise your stolen phone will always be tied to it. You can switch devices (done it twice myself), but I don't know if you can just totally release the PIN yourself through the BIS site.
    03-10-11 12:12 PM