1. adamcole83's Avatar
    Alright, I plugged my AT&T Blackberry 8310 Curve in to the computer to sync it, it told me I had an update, so I did it. During the process when it was restoring data to the phone it had an error and it would only allow me to reset. Luckily I had backed up everything but when I restored the backup I noticed a few problems. Mainly internet problems, my browser icon is gone, but the MediaNet Browser icon is still there (originally had two had icons). Also, apps that use the internet don't work, like Twitterberry and Google Maps. However when I go to the MediaNet Browser icon it allows me to go to webpages except AT&T's MediaNet Home.

    So what does it sound like happened? Do I need to download service books or should I just do a factory wipe and start over? I paid for the Crossbar theme, how do I get that back if I do a factory wipe?
    04-24-08 10:40 AM
  2. chaz_cb's Avatar
    Try just resending the service books first. Got to your BIS site, and you'll see the link to service books, click it, the hit send. should fix ya right up.
    04-24-08 10:42 AM
  3. adamcole83's Avatar
    Sweet thanks... couple other things, first what is reconcile in messaging? and also now I have a red asterisk over my email and it says I have one new one, but there aren't any new emails.
    04-24-08 10:55 AM