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    I am delighted but nervous that this feature now exists on a BIS level...

    I have managed to set it up, and over 24 hours there have been some entries that have synced, but not others, some questions:
    - how long should the initial sync take?
    - when I change a contact entry on my BB, how long should I expect it to take to appear in gmail?
    - when I change a contact entry on gmail, how long should I expect it to take to appear on my BB?
    - am I right in assuming that what is being synced is BB's default contact list to the "My Contacts" in gmail?

    09-23-10 03:39 AM
  2. brucem76's Avatar
    Nobody? I can't believe how vague a feature with such consequences is....
    09-25-10 02:55 AM
  3. dwaynewilliams#WN's Avatar
    I have noticed that when I change a contact or add a new one on my phone, it syncs with gmail in a matter of minutes, but the other way around, it took a couple of hours. I haven't really had an issue with the native contacts sync.

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    09-25-10 04:04 AM
  4. Rra's Avatar
    Bumping this also... I thought someone might have a definite answer.
    10-23-10 08:59 PM
  5. generiq's Avatar
    I'm hoping for a better answer as-well. I had a nightmarish day today trying to get this working - specifically the Calendar sync...

    When I first enabled the Calendar sync on BIS, I started getting the hour-glass icon CONSTANTLY on my device. This is probably related to my leaked versions of OS 6 I recently installed - and I managed to fix this by restoring old service books, deleting my Gmail account from BIS, and re-adding.

    Then once I was able to use my device again, I quickly found duplicates all over the place. I had previously been using the Google Sync app, and I think this had something to do with it. After disabling the Google Sync app and removing all of it's entries, the next obstacle is that the BIS Calendar Sync feature does-not support multiple Gmail calendars - ONLY THE DEFAULT CALENDAR, which also can't be changed on the Google side [bummer], so I unfortunately had to re-enable the Google Sync app and configure it to only sync my additional calendars and NOT add new items from device [because they are automatically added to the default calendar with the native sync enabled]. Even after doing this, I was still getting duplicates which I figured out was because in the Google Sync App there is no option to choose which BlackBerry calendar to import to/from, so I discovered it uses the Default as specified in the Default Services option deep down in the BlackBerry settings. So I changed my default calendar on the BlackBerry to a different one [NOT my Gmail account], but the Google Sync App continued to add to the Gmail account [which was originally set as the default] even after signing out and back in to the Google Sync App - so I had to sign out, remove all the entries, delete the Google Sync App, restart the device, and then re-install the Google Sync App (making sure that I had a different default calendar selected before doing so). NOW all the items synced by the Google Sync App get added to one calendar, while the native Gmail Sync uses the Gmail account. Whew...what a headache. Based on the fact that changing the default calendar after configuring the Google Sync App didn't work before, I ASSUME I could probably set my Gmail back to the default calendar now - but not sure it's worth the risk of having to go through all this again. I'll just have to remember to change the 'Send Using' option on each new event I create ON the device to the correct account.

    NOW - when I add a contact or event to my device it shows up pretty much instantly in my Gmail account - BUT, I too am seeing delays going back the other way (changing on the Google side and waiting for device to update). Also, I would really like to be able to specify a group for each contact that will translate on Google side? Especially since I use Google Voice as-well, and need the callers to be in the right groups so the calls are routed properly. Currently if I add a new contact on my phone, I have to go into my Google Contacts online and assign them to a Group or else their calls are treated as SPAM until I do-so...

    Once again, what a headache!!! I'm really hoping that:
    A> BlackBerry will keep working on the Gmail sync options to get multiple calendar support, and support for adding contacts to Google Contact Groups from the device.

    and B> Google will keep working on their Google Sync App (for both BB and PC) and get multiple calendar support working better (the PC version doesn't have this at-all right now).

    That's all I have for now...lol
    11-09-10 04:57 PM
  6. trucky's Avatar
    From the BB to Google usually takes 10-20 minutes. From Google to BB is usually just a minute or so. There is no way to change those settings that I've found. On several BBs I've had to un-install Google Sync and start over to get it to start working. The initial sync may fail several times if your calendar or contacts have lots of entries. Just keep trying the Sync Now.
    11-10-10 08:37 AM