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    If I throw my foreign SIM (with BIS) into my Verizon Bold while traveling, will BIS work? I know WAP will, but that's not an option for me, as I need email and BBM.

    My Verizon 9930 is GSM unlocked.

    02-11-12 05:09 PM
  2. jefftam68's Avatar
    If the phone is unlocked, then you should be able to travel to any country and get a new sim card to use with a local phone/data plan and avoid roaming fees. The carrier needs to support BIS though.
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    02-11-12 06:20 PM
  3. robertdeniro's Avatar
    Worked for me. European, unlocked 9700 and Indonesian prepaid sim with prepaid BIS/internet services. Cost me just usd0.55/day. Works great and I can activate/deactivate whenever I want.
    02-11-12 11:00 PM
  4. BBPandy's Avatar
    just look at the new carrier & make sure they use the frequencies that your phone does & your good to go.

    For example. a Curve 9300 from Irland will not work on Verizon, but will work on AT&T.

    GSM is usually not an issue, but as your CDMA, you may run into problems

    You may want to check out this thread
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    02-11-12 11:27 PM