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    I didn't know where to post it but i'll put it here..

    On the BIS website I added 2 email. 1 for hotmail and 1 for Live email.

    But in the website, I do not see any change protocol (Microsoft Mobile Services Protocol). That cause my email to be delay or slow to get it.

    i do have a BES data, but BES is not activate as my work do not need it. I got no IT policy, and firewall is disable.

    I am able to receive email and send just get it very slow. When i say really slow is like 30 min to up to 1 hour. I have to go on blackberry Admin to pull my email to get it faster.

    I also try to delete my email and re-add it and still the same issue.

    i have also delete my BIS account and it didn't work.

    Here what i have in blackberry provisioning:
    Requested Services
    Status Service Action
    Active BlackBerry Enterprise Plus / Internet Browsing Service

    My carrier is : Bell Mobility,

    Cell Model : 9780

    OS :

    How do i proceed to get this change?

    03-06-11 10:40 AM