1. Tiassa's Avatar
    As I run my own domain, I built a BPS and hooked my BB to it, so that I could get some experience running a BES (more skills makes you more marketable, and I've been seeing a lot of call for Notes/Domino guys with BB server experience). However I'd still like to use T-mobile's BIS, because I'd like to have a "***@tmo.blackberry.net" address as a way to text me without giving out my phone number. I had the blackberry.net address set up but when I activated my BB for BES I ended up going to a data plan that didn't have any non-BES messages, so Tmo shut down it down. I've since added non-BES messages back to my account, but I can't set up my phone -- When I go to the Tmo website is says "You have not entered a valid Tmobile phone number". Do I need to call TMo customer support? Is what I'm trying to do possible?
    10-07-09 10:33 AM
  2. danimal1968's Avatar
    Lots of people have BES and BIS accounts on the same phone, so it should be possible. Sounds like your account may be borked. You could try creating the new account from Email setup on your phone.
    10-07-09 01:32 PM
  3. leskchan's Avatar
    I had a similar problem with Sprint when I bought an used BB. Basically the used phone had a BES account associated with it based previous on phone/esn/pin. So it would now allow me to register the phone and my own BIS account because of duplicate account phone/esn/pin on the BIS server. I had to call Sprint to have them deleted the original owner BES account first I can register the phone like a new BB.
    10-07-09 01:42 PM