1. dankat55's Avatar
    I have had my Curve for several months now and used Blackberry Maps until a couple weeks ago when I downloaded Google Maps. I have used Google Maps fine until today. I tried to access Google Maps today and it is giving me the error "this application requires a data connection, and will retry automatically..." So I tried Blackberry Maps and I get the error "Your device is not configured for BIS or BES access. Consult your wireless service provider or system administrator." This a personal BB so I don't have a system administrator ;(

    Can anyone help me with this error?
    12-28-08 09:19 PM
  2. Garz's Avatar
    Did you try a battery pull? Or maybe call your carrier to make sure there are no issues with your account?
    12-28-08 09:22 PM
  3. Sith_Apprentice's Avatar
    Do you have a BlackBerry Data Plan? A standard data plan will not give you the service books necessary for BB Maps. Google maps will work with a regular plan. If you do have a BB data plan, log into your carrier BIS site and resend the service books.
    12-28-08 09:23 PM
  4. dankat55's Avatar
    I'm not sure which plan I am on. I used it fine until today. I was going to call them tomorrow I just thought I would start here first. I just tried it again and Google still gives me the errors, but it does find my location first.
    12-28-08 09:27 PM
  5. Sith_Apprentice's Avatar
    If you are on a VZW go to BlackBerry Internet Service and log in there. Use the "service book" link and resend them to the device.
    12-28-08 09:28 PM
  6. dankat55's Avatar
    As I was going to the Blackberry Internet Service I noticed the Blackberry Web Application is no longer on my phone. My brother in-law did something with my phone on Christmas and I think he may have removed the apps, no knowing what he was doing. Can anyone direct me how to add it back on. I have Opera Mini still on the phone so I can use the if I need to get to something on the web on my phone.
    12-28-08 09:45 PM
  7. dankat55's Avatar
    I called VZW and kind of in line with what Sith_Apprentice mentioned it turns out that RIM had technical issues that deleted the BB Internet Services so all they had to do was push it to my phone again. It only took about 3 minutes to fixes... of course, after waiting on hold for 20 minutes.

    Anyway, thanks for the suggestions. I'm new here but this has become the place I turn to first for help.
    12-29-08 06:46 AM