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    Is there anything else out there that achieves the same or close to BIS (push email) if I can't get BIS on a carrier but can get data?

    Alternatively, if a carrier has both data and BIS, is there a way to configure a BB8700 to browse using BIS and not use the data part of the carrier service (to avoid cost)?
    04-20-08 07:25 AM
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    Are you using a BlackBerry device?

    If you are, you will ONLY be able to use solutions from Research in Motion (RIM), such as a BlackBerry Individual Solution (BIS), a BlackBerry Unite or BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) setup.

    If you do not have a device already, Microsoft Windows Mobile: Professional 6 (or higher) devices support Microsoft's "DirectPush" technology, which is the same as a BES (on paper at least)...

    It does have one particularly obvious advantage over a BES though - unlike solutions from RIM, DirectPush does not need a specific type of plan, relying instead on a "standard" data plan.

    Personally I think you're better off sticking with a RIM solution, but if you're interested in DirectPush, check out:

    DirectPush - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    As for the second part of your question, are you sure data is not included in your plan?

    Usually a service provider will give their BIS/BES customers "unlimited Internet and e-mail" on the condition that you only use the BlackBerry access point (Internet settings) - if you use a service provider's access point (Internet settings) though, you will usually be charged extra.

    If your service provider has entered the settings for their access point (Internet settings) already, you can remove them if you want:

    Menu-->Options-->Advanced Options-->TCP

    Just make sure all of the settings are blank at the above screen.

    As for BIS data, you CAN turn this off, but it will kill your e-mail service as well:

    Menu-->Manage Connections-->Mobile Network Options-->Data Services-->On/Off/Off When Roaming

    BES users can tailor their solution to their specific needs and disable Internet access for specific users or applications, but I have never even seen a BES, so you will have to wait for an answer for someone that has experience in that field...

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    04-20-08 07:53 AM
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    Another thread here: http://forums.crackberry.com/showthr...530#post417530

    Flurrcat says that Blackberry Unite is a BIS solution. I'm looking to get off of my corporate BBRY plan which allows me to be on a BES. I want to move to a new Rogers BBRY plan which is BIS only. But I don't want to lose my Unite server access if I switchover. I need someone to confirm which Unite is - BIS or BES?

    06-23-08 05:39 PM