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    OK, this is my first post since been scuba diving in CB for quite a while. Since this year 2014, I am more and more obsessed into asking this question: why the f**k on this beautiful planet people don't buy Z10 or Z30??

    I know it is more personal preference, but everyone who had ever used more than 2 iphones, 6 android phones, 2 windows phones, and 2 BB phones will ask the same question. And I know there will be a million reasons for it: marketing, company itself, blah blah blah... but what about the product, smoother and easier than the iphone, and more controlled and refined system than android, not mention the speed and the way you can text email. App issue, really? if the android app cannot feed you enough, and you cannot find or refuse any substitutes , then you are those 1%. so it will not be the Major issue anyway.

    Just my own story and a bit background
    My first BB was a work phone. I loved the way I text, email, message, enterprise security, leather feel (OK, I love this part most...) etc.. But I still kept using my iphone and S2 at that time.

    Over the time... the whole company (4500 people around), switched to Iphone 4S, I was happy.

    Since last year I cannot decide which one to try, Nokia, iphone again, S4, sony z1, LG... too many options so less money...

    I got BB Z10. After 2 months of use, i was not convinced that BB z10 was ready, it still got ability to improve and there were much more BB would have done to it. And a month after this, I got iphone 5S, so Z10 was collecting dust since then.

    Since this year, I returned to BB z10, as i missed keyboard (yeah, I know I am silly) and I asked myself to give it another go for ... 6 months.

    Some say BB will eventually vanish or be sold to nothing; Some say BB will come back again and conquer the world...

    For a business phone user, solid system, smooth operating, plus effective communications are the king. Iphone 5S is solid system, smooth hell-like, all apps and all other good things, yeah, Iphone 5S is a good phone, but when you ask me to text someone, or text emails, 10 seconds on BB and 30 seconds on Iphone, and you dont need to worry about my terrible spelling.

    For a personal phone user, gamer, time-waster, Android, oh boy... I know I can do pretty much whatever I can with it, but do you also know how many times I flash all sorts of roms, root it, reinstall all apps, setup all accounts every month... I feel I am getting old for it. I sometimes asked myself, why i cannot get a phone that nothing will crash, smooth like a hell, battery lasts 3 days and water, dust, brick-proof? I am asking the wrong question I know.

    Come back to the topic. I wont be upset if BB just goes downhills, everyone has ups and downs, but I defo will be upset if BB one day announce its closure. I just feel so outrage that Samsung could every possibly win over BB... I had 4 samsung phones... very average... I had 2 BB, excellent user experiences. Sad to see a company that makes a such good phone lost its confidence and wonder around. Why not stick to it, believe in it...

    The only things I could criticise BB, will be:
    1, leather cover;
    2, camera; (quality of the photo, light, and the speed of taking photos(focus plus imaging processing), Iphone 5S is currently dominating this area);

    Optional improvements:
    1,dual sim;
    2,water, dust, drop - proof;

    Ideal phone will be:
    tough like Nokia that you feel you have hold a ultimate nuke-like weapon (Joke here);
    smart like BB;
    APP world like iphone;

    At the end of the day, I dont have 10 zillions that I could buy BB over and let it shine again, but I could give my 2 cents and share my feelings with all you lovely people here.

    Any thought will be welcomed and thank you for your time.
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    08-01-14 05:46 AM
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    Thanks for your opinions.
    Welcome back to BlackBerry! and CrackBerry!
    08-01-14 07:11 AM
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    Nokia's angle was, yeah I got an brand new OS that was not polished, but I got the crazy best camera. Does it work well for them? Hardly.

    BlackBerry is like, I am a business phone so who cares about low light performance? Is that logic wrong? Not really. For me am I bothered by BlackBerry 's poor camera performance? Yeah! But was that a key element when I was picking phones to use? Not really. Of course I can't represent the whole market segment BlackBerry is targeting at, but I can see the reasoning behind their decision... if they want to make money off a phone they design, they got to reduce the cost of making the phone, which means they will have to cherry-pick the features matter to their users the most and put the latest and greatest technology for these features, and for the rest they have to pick cheaper and therefore a little outdated technology to implement those less important features.

    Before they get their volumes up, this will be unlikely to change.

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    08-01-14 07:47 AM
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    Welcome! BTW I love your opening question....

    Z10 STL100-1, OS
    08-01-14 08:57 AM
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    Stigma! People still make faces when you refer to BlackBerry, no matter how good the current lineup is. My wife only got a Q10 because of the physical keyboard (and some gentle pursuasion from yours truly), and she remarks how much better it is than her iPhone. She wouldn't have considered it if not for the keyboard.
    08-01-14 02:41 PM
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    Stigma! People still make faces when you refer to BlackBerry, no matter how good the current lineup is. My wife only got a Q10 because of the physical keyboard (and some gentle pursuasion from yours truly), and she remarks how much better it is than her iPhone. She wouldn't have considered it if not for the keyboard.
    Yes stigma. I have spoken to people who had to use BlackBerry for work. So there is that negative association for them too. BlackBerry signified work whilst iPhone was more of the fun, hip phone to have. Android were generally for folks who wanted more creativity and openness. They were the folks not afraid to experiment whilst BlackBerry users were considered rigid and old "farts" lol. Hopefully, with Chen at the helm, there will be a push to introduce the new BB10 phones and reintroduce BlackBerry as a viable alternative for productivity, fun , some creativity on a stable and secure platform. My daughter loves her Z10 and never really liked her handed down Curve 8320. Tides changed for her :-).

    I just hope BlackBerry gets another chance. That's all.

    My Z10 - an extension of me
    08-01-14 02:56 PM

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