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    Considering what has transpired in the last few days with all of the negative press/ blogs on RIM, I am pondering, what if RIM had purchased Palm instead of QNX?

    Both RIM and HP acquired their respective new OS in April 2010.

    Here's my thesis:
    1) If RIM purchased Palm, there would have been no HP competition. RIM could have partnered with HP on enterprise solutions.
    2) If RIM acquired WebOS, porting the OS to its phones would have taken less time than building a new OS from the ground up for tablets and phones. Balsillie admitted that making QNX work for the tablet was a major undertaking. The new generation smartphones could have been out by Xmas 2010. Sure QNX might be superior but does the average consumer really care?
    3) Playbook would be launched in April 2011 without delay. The saved time on OS development could have been used for native email app and other PIM tools (also porting BB security features, BBM and so forth).
    4) No further delays in 2011, BB loyalists would be happy with new phones and newcomers would test / purchase BB WebOS phones.

    Any thoughts? Please comment....
    06-22-11 10:16 PM