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    HI, I have spent the past 2 days reading and testing out apps for my blackberry 8120. what I got from reading is that alot of good and usefull apps for blackberry requires somekind of data plan, which sucks cause whats the point of having wifi if you can't use apps like google maps, bbmaps, etc. Now for my question.

    Can anyone crack appz or work around so that we all can use without needing data plan from our carrier??

    The reason I ask cause, I had other smart phones with wifi before and they never needed special data plan for the apps to work, also there are emulators, patches, crackz, etc that you can download to get around locks and restrictions. so how come I dont see any crackz, patches, etc.. for blackberry phones??

    thanks for reading and hopefully someone outthere think like I do, but are much smarter that can provides the community better use of our blackberries.
    10-11-08 04:04 AM
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    U CANNOT request "Crackz, patches etc. on this forum, it's a good fast way to get you banned!
    10-11-08 04:32 AM
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    CipherDias...I am not requesting for crackz, I am simply saying that blackberry phones can be so much better if vendors or third parties or someone who can write softwares should write software or applications that can be use with wifi instead of the need for data plan.....like I said whats the point of having wifi to access datas if the applications you running dont let you but make you use your data plan and cost you money? all applications should have a feature/option that let you switch between using data plan and wifi. Beside, this is "crackberry" after all, if I dont come in here requesting for crackz then where you I go???
    10-11-08 12:15 PM
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    I faced a similar frustration while using an 8320 Wifi only.

    Right from the start, I knew email and the IM clients would not work, but I quickly discovered virtually all of the third party software would not initialize without the infrastructure of a BIS plan.

    That leaves a few general games and a few third party applications that initialized using my computer.

    As for hacking programs to work, the limited number of coders, proficient in the techniques of creating Java code are not inclined to crack software. It is far different for the situation with PC computers where any script kiddie can download and and unlock a program.

    There is a thread in the Wifi Forum that addresses some of these issues.


    This thread is treading on grounds that we have chosen to steer clear of. It is now closed.
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    10-11-08 12:24 PM